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Writers Jam 2024

Posted by PeachArizonaTea - June 16th, 2024

DEFIANCE and SHOWDOWN - PeachTea - 1297 words

(Heads up: the character 'Jax' is NOT the one from the digital circus)

A wall hidden away from the world between two large, towering buildings is where Jax stays. They are an un-social rebel of the riot group called SFC or Seek For Change. Though Jax is part of the team, they take off on personal missions; working better alone. Late nights and early mornings are their favorite times of day; most are not up. They sit atop a building, looking down. Bustling city of Aetherwind "the city of peace and love" some call it. That is an obvious lie; this city is full of corrupted government rats and unmindful followers who will do anything for credit. Right now, Jax is idling by a pole; trying not to look suspicious, waiting and watching for someone to leave that door open just a while longer so they can slip in and bring the city down. Finally, a well-dressed business man unlocks the door and does not bother to lock it back up. Jax covers their face and dive down into the shadows and scurries quietly into the building with ease. "I have studied this building's protection and layout for years," they told themselves "This should not be horrid." they scrambled down a side hallway and into a bathroom. Jax looks around her surroundings, "no one is in here" she told herself, glancing up a vent. They get up on the marble sink counter and inspect the screws. "It is not metal, it is Al," they mentally quoted "I had expected more from a place like this; guess they had to cut corners from all those excessive statues in the lobby." Jax wondered as they took a screwdriver out of their back pocket and removed the ventilation grate. "Big vents, though, that is a plus," they continued, crawling in the vent and pulling the grate back into its place so no one would notice. Jax crawled taking casual left and rights; even some cobwebs to the face. "Not spotless," they admitted to their conscious. They finally reach the headquarters of the city hall; Jax opens another grate and hops out of the shaft. They landed on their feet like a cat, with ease and precision. They turned to put the grate back and find their way into the president's office. "What now?" they questioned themselves, putting the screwdriver away and going into a bathroom stall to change to formal clothes and get into the office. Jax pulls out a small set of formal clothes in contrast to their black cargo jeans and jacket. Once changed, they tuck their small backpack behind a cabinet "Small sacrifice for freedom." Jax thought, wishing their backpack goodbye. They walked out of the top-floor bathroom and went to the secretary desk. "Thank God, I planned in advance," they quipped to themselves, looking at the long line ahead of them. After a long, harrowing wait in line, it was finally their turn. Jax cleared their throat and spoke "Hello, I had a meeting with Mr. Winter for fifteenth hour." they explained, trying to sound like a pro but really sweating in their undershirt.

The stout, wrinkled lady glared up at Jax. Clearly annoyed, she typed and found Jax's fake form. "...Okay, go have a seat, Miss." the woman grumbled, clearly ignoring Jax's gender-preference.

"Jus-" They tried to explain


Jax sighed, going to the far right wall and taking a seat, their leg bouncing from nerves. Their mind raced with questions: "What if he cannot tell I am fake?" "what if he shoots me on sight?" that thought choked them up. Jax almost laughed "He isn't gonna do that." they humored them self. Finally, Jax was called from the intercom "Jax K. Write!" the speaker boomed, making them jump. They got up and walked gently to the office "...Crossing the threshold," they muttered, opening the doors. Seeing the president himself, his slight gray hair and obvious back hunch, they almost snickered at that. Jax sat down, "So.. I have a few questions.." They say nervously, maintaining eye contact with the man.

"Go on." Quinn, or Mr. Wind allows casually

"About your 'Bill of Rights'-" Jax starts

Quinn slams his hands down on the desk loudly: "I know what you are," he said angrily.

"I- uh- what?" Jax stutters, pulling on their collar

"- You are one of the SFC's, are you not?"

"Sir- I have no idea-"

Quinn shoved the desk, hitting Jax's ribs roughly. They yelped in pain, curling their hand around their abdomen. Jax stands up and pushes the desk back at the man.

"Are you challenging me?" Quinn growled, clenching his fists at his sides and narrowing his eyes.

Jax jabbed a finger at the president "I dont know, can you take it old man?" They sneered, eyes squinting.

Quinn chuckled at Jax's comment; he grabbed them by the scuff of the neck and dragged them over the desk and into his face. "You are opening pandora's box, kid." he growled once more, shoving Jax onto their feet.

Jax recoiled and stood back up instantly, they charged at him and punched him in the mouth. Quinn's jaw went back and his body stumbling backwards.

"You fucking punk..." he grumbled, standing up and staggering over to Jax, aimlessly throwing a punch. Jax backed up from the punch and he threw one after the other, stepping closer every time. Countless missed punches pinned Jax's back to the wall. Then Quinn reached out his hand and gripped Jax's neck. They started coughing, and he tightened his grip. They fought and thrashed until Jax finally threw up her foot into the guys groin. Quinn groaned and stumbled backward, tripping on his desk. Jax inhaled sharply, and exhaled a stiff laugh when he tripped. The president was sitting in his chair once again, clutching his lower body. Jax stood behind the chair, staring down at him expectantly. They grabbed the back of his chair and pulled it down, causing Quinn to hid his head on the granite floor. He yelped in pain, "Goddammit!" He jumped up and charged at Jax once more. Jax stuck their arms out and held back the man, their arms shaking,

"Come... On..." Jax grunted, shoving him back "Give up, Old man."

"I am not old." Quinn corrected, charging at Jax. Sending them backwards, hitting their head on the cabinet. Jax reached up at touched the back of their head, a puddle of crimson red blood staining their hand. They grumbled in annoyance,

"Your rich ass better be paying for my medical bills." Jax sneered, kicking the president in the knee.

"Not essential; it will be a DOA if they find you."

"You are so clever." Jax said sarcastically, grabbing hold of a loose handle on the cabinet door. They ripped it off and threw it at Quinn, hitting him in the head. Blood now trickled down both faces, "We are twinning." Jax laughed

"Why are you so damn un-serious." He said, rubbing his bloody head.

Jax just shrugged in response, yawning. They asked, "Am I done here, though, right?" as if nothing had happened.

"Yeah... No, I called security just now, and they are on their way."

"Oh shit." Jax looked around  for a way out beside the main doors. They started to feel the weight of their actions sink in. Almost on cue, a group of two guys stormed in; Quinn pointed at Jax; they rushed to Jax. They ran, past the duo and out of the doors, people shouted angrily after Jax but they just ran and ran. They made it to the doors, wheezing after catching minimal air; they rushed back into the shadows, pulling up their hood. "Just like it used to be..." Jax exhaled, sitting against the usual wall. Sirens blare past them, and they burrow back into the alley. 




Good work, thanks for participating! This was a fun read and I enjoyed the worldbuilding you did here, keep working at it and maybe think of ways that you can build more tension for a scene like this in the future! Well done!